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Types of Plans We Administer

When it comes to plan design, it is critical to conduct a full analysis of the goals of the plan for each sponsor. This enables us to help you make informed decisions regarding the options available to you as a plan sponsor.  We provide custom plan design to help you meet your retirement plan objectives.

We administer the following plan types:

401(k) Plans
Profit Sharing Plans
Money Purchase Plans
403(b) Plans
Defined Benefit Plans
Cash Balance Plans
457 Plans
Employee Stock Option Plans (ESOPs)
Multiple Employer Plans (MEPs)
Solo(k) / One Person Plans

Plan Administration & Consulting

One of the strengths of ERISA Services is that we provide the full-service administration required to maintain a retirement plan.

We offer:

Application of rules and plan provisions determining eligibility for participation or benefits
Maintenance of participants’ service and relative employment records
Communication to plan sponsors of participants’ account balances
Allocation of plan contributions, earnings, and forfeitures
Trust account reconciliation and annual reporting
Determination of employer contributions
Preparation of participant benefit statements
Required minimum distribution monitoring
Distribution processing
Loan processing

Document Preparation & Reporting

ERISA Services understands that document preparation can seem daunting to plan sponsors.  Our client management database is constantly evolving to allow us to track, follow up and provide the most efficient management of your retirement plan.  We offer the following document preparation and reporting services:

Plan document design and preparation
Summary Plan Description (SPD) preparation
Plan amendments
IRS determination letter requests
Form 5500 preparation and electronic filing assistance, and extension preparation
Preparation of additional tax forms, i.e. Forms 8955-SSA, 1096, 945, and 1099R
Summary Annual Report (SAR) preparation
Preparation of reports required by government agencies
Preparation of required annual and quarterly notices – Safe Harbor, QDIA, PPA, Fee Disclosures, etc.
Prepare allocation reports concerning participants’ account balances


In the pension administration field, it is imperative that we stay abreast with the current changes in the IRS Code and tax laws. Although fee disclosure is now required by the DOL, ERISA Services has always operated with full fee disclosure and transparency.  Our employees have a commitment to stay informed and up-to-date with all changes and increase their knowledge base through industry events, and continuing education in the area of qualified retirement plans.  This enables us to better serve our clients through:

Communication and education on document compliance with legislative changes
Annual compliance testing
Voluntary Correction Program (VCP) Support
IRS and DOL audit support

Employee Communication

We support our plan sponsors with employee communications relating to document distribution, educational meetings, and the benefits of participating in a 401(k) plan.

This occurs through:

Employee education and enrollment meetings
Annual or Semi-Annual Review meetings
Seminar and conference sponsorship’s and presentations
Coordinating round table discussions
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